Behavior Affects Outcomes

Achievers make all the difference.

The way human behavior affects performance has been my passion and interest for my entire life.

The way we behave in any situation is the result of a multitude of factors. Of these factors, there are three human needs that have certainly interested me more than other factors, and have a major influence on how people behave. The needs are:

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The Performance Appraisal

Everyone wants to know how well they are doing.

Whatever we do in life, we really want to hear some kind of feedback from others on our achievements. In early childhood it may be a “Look, Mommy, look” situation, in later life it may be acclaim for something achieved, and even in a dysfunctional sense it may be that negative attention is better than no attention at all.

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Some Basics Regarding The Interviewing Process Itself

When you find the right people, NEVER let them go.

Any interview is something of an act.

The interviewee has to convince the interviewer that he or she is the best candidate for the job, while the interviewer, especially if he is the owner of the business, attempts to convince the applicant of how good his business is.

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The Basic Steps To Take BEFORE You Start Interviewing Candidates

We have all seen the typical interview consisting of the boss spending most of the time talking, the potential employee smiling, nodding in agreement, and then being appointed. We have also seen that same employee leaving the company, only for this piece of theatre to be reenacted.

How do we stop this expensive, time consuming and embarrassing situation from continuing?

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Entrepreneurs AND Implementers: The Recipe For A Winning Team!

Entrepreneurs are those people who come up with better ideas and doggedly pursue them to implementation, even if they don’t at the time have the resources available.

Real entrepreneurs are those unique people who come up with ideas that are sometimes so simple, yet effective, that they change our daily lives. The entrepreneur is the genius who conceives it, lives, eats and sleeps it, and attempts to make it the next great thing, despite all the odds being against this.

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