I am overflowing with gratitude and appreciation beyond words.  I am so thrilled with the direction we are moving in the office.  It is as if we have all the pieces to the puzzle and everyone decided to play!

I have been begging for a budget and accountability for so long.  The Teacher has arrived because the student was ready, I think.  So for that and so much more I am grateful.

We have been scratching the surface of so much you have addressed for many years and NOW there is ACTION taking place.  You are the guiding star.  I would love to chat when I am not so tired, I just didn't want another day to go by without saying THANK YOU from my heart.

NM - Phoenix, AZ

Bernard assisted me in key Strategy and Implementation matters at the highest level, including people selection.  As the organization grew, selecting the right doctors and senior staff became critical.  His ability to identify Achievers as well as his comments on who would best perform in which areas were uncannily accurate.  Matching the right person for the job, while ensuring organizational function and harmony is an art, as far as I am concerned.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Bernard to assist any company.  His Corporate experience as an Operations person and his consulting experience with large organizations combined with him running his own successful business, qualifies him as a high level executive or advisor.

Dr. WW - South Africa

Bernard understands strategy well but his unique talent lies in his ability to execute, implement, and deliver exceptional bottom-line results.  He is highly efficient and organized, and is focused and achievement orientated. He is good at selecting quality people and motivating them. Customers of any business he runs can expect consistently high standards and excellent customer service.

SC - London, England











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