The way you manage affects your organization’s performance

Just don’t manage everybody the same way. Everyone has their preferred way of managing others. You may have learnt your particular management method of how to manage others by observing your parents or your first boss or someone you were exposed to for some time, and by now you have your own particular management method or style. We all have a preferred way that we would like to be managed, and may consequently feel that’s the way we should manage others. Most of us have experienced a number of managers in action.  Some impressed us, some did not. Let’s look at some of them: We have all seen the bustling busy boss who rushes in and orders everyone around never →

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Politicians AND voters avoid the Truth

“You get the politicians you deserve.” Many politicians lie. Many voters don’t want to face the truth. What a perfect match! How many voters do you know that are prepared to cut back on their personal entitlements from the Government in order to rectify the ever growing financial crisis we are in? People want an easy life and don’t want to hear bad news that affects them personally, so there’s always a politician willing to oblige in making promises or increasing handouts to protect and enhance a voter’s comfort zone. Politicians know that their supporters believe them. The supporters of the politicians all watch the same media, they talk to friends that believe in the same doctrines, and many do →

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Political Correctness affects Outcomes

Warning: Blind adherence may cause harm. We have seen the increasingly rapid spread of Political Correctness over the last few years and the time might have arrived for the pendulum to start swinging back. Children are basically rewarded for showing up, and we are super sensitive when we announce winners, because other students or participants may feel uncomfortable. We don’t apply the A to F symbols anymore because an F for FAIL may upset someone almost as much as marking a child’s work with a red pen. US Students are performing poorer in Math, Science and Reading every year compared to the rest of the world.  The only area in which US students really excel is in the area of →

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Before you announce that promotion

Promoting your Super Salesperson to manager may not be smart. Most people are promoted based on their abilities to do their current job. Companies have been known to promote their number one super salesperson to a managerial position without establishing whether that person has the ability to manage, or whether training or other development is required before the appointment. Chances are that once promoted, performance of the unit may decline and the best salesperson you ever had, now a manager, may get fired. Even worse, that person may now move from company to company as a manager, and never perform as well as when he or she was a salesperson. The skills required to be a super salesperson are very →

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Logic, Politics and Consequences

Political actions are not necessarily logical. This might be old news to some people but others may be disappointed or even disillusioned to hear this. Part of the definition of politics in Webster’s dictionary is “crafty or unprincipled methods or tactics.” Let’s look at a political action from a logical and then a political point of view. Saying that you must produce a valid, legal form of identification before you vote is a logical requirement, carried out in most countries in the world. The logical reasoning would be that persons from another country or State or entity not entitled to vote in a specific area are thus prohibited from influencing outcomes that they are not eligible to have an impact →

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It’s all about attitude

Your attitude will affect your bottom line. Whenever you say you have experienced good service from another human being, whether that person was part of a company or just an individual, what is it that actually happened to make you feel that way? It’s the attitude of the person you came into contact with that made the difference. That person was interested in what your problem was, listened to you, showed empathy, asked questions, shared knowledge or even some humor, and offered advice. In a business setting, that’s real customer service. A friend of mine interviewed three plastic surgeons regarding a procedure she wanted done.  She told me that surgeon number two was absolutely the best surgeon.  Why? Had she →

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