The Longer You Wait To Address A Problem, The Bigger It Gets

Remember when you were at school and you put off studying for an important test?

The closer you got to the test date the greater the stress became.  Eventually full panic set in and you studied day and night with an increasing degree of inefficiency.

The day of reckoning arrived and if you could not fake illness you went along and wrote the dreaded test, praying for the miracle that did not come.

Nothing has changed.

There is still a penalty for non- performance, and the stress of not addressing an issue is just as severe.

It’s almost as if a problem grows exponentially, relative to the amount of time you delay addressing it.

Think of something that you have to address but just don’t want to.  Have you noticed that the longer you delay addressing it, the bigger or worse it becomes.

It could be a problem with another person, a chore that remains to be done or a habit that has to be kicked.  Things just seem to get worse by putting it off – especially in your own head.

So what can we do?  Obviously addressing it is the most effective way of making most problems go away.

What is needed though is discipline.  Real discipline.

In my early days it was more difficult for me to open a school book than it was to study that book.

So here is an action plan that will help give you confidence to tackle the big ones.

The next problem that comes along your way-address it immediately with the intention of resolving the issue at hand right away.  You don’t have to be reckless about it, just handle it.  Do this a few times and reflect how you feel. Pretty good, right?

Now work out what your desired outcome is with the pending problem you have, what your maximum fallback position will be, decide if you need help, and then go for it.

Sometimes a big mountain turns out to be a small hill.

The most important part is, your stress level can be seriously reduced by facing up to what you have to.

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