Family Dynamics In The Texting Age

Have you observed the modern day family interact around the dinner table?  That is if they actually get around the dinner table.

Everyone is doing their own thing.  The kids are texting their friends or each other, Dad is on his cellphone and Mom is on the kitchen laptop.

The fallacy of multi -tasking at its best is occurring before your eyes.

“Yes Mom, I have done my homework, and Fred just got the new iPhone.”

I have actually seen each member of a family collect their food in the kitchen and retreat to their own rooms to continue the texting marathon.

The more we are able to contact others, the more reclusive we become in the way we are communicating.

It’s going to take discipline for us to continue exercising our interpersonal communication skills-especially in the home.

Consider having a technology free time when you get together.  Obviously this applies in areas other than the home too.  You already do it when you go to movies.

If you want improved relationships, put that device down when someone is speaking to you and look them in the eye.

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