We Spend Our Lives Waiting For Something

Think about it.  We spend most of our lives waiting.  Waiting to grow up, waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for that one magic deal, waiting to get married or to graduate or to save enough money or to take that trip or to make that move.

In the process we get totally consumed by that one thing and everything revolves around that one thing.

Our relationships might even suffer as we wait for that one big event to happen, and it never seems to materialize.  We rationalize away delays, we don’t see what others see.  We wait and wait.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not happen.  Our entire happiness can be consumed by this one event we are waiting for.  We can be elated, we can be depressed while we wait.  So how can we get out of this high highs, low lows situation?

Do something else in the meantime.  Do anything else, and if possible, as much else as you can.  That way you can still be waiting but you are not totally consumed by that future event.  It may still come, but be constructive in the meantime.

You might be surprised how much sooner that long awaited event then occurs or does not occur.

The difference is you will be in a better place for that eventuality.

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